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For most of the last decade I have been directly involved with coaching and teaching life skills and lessons to young people - always operating under my motto "Fun, Sportsmanship and Respect." 

Having coached dozens of teams in numerous sports, I have crafted an effective motivational and leadership style that has positively impacted hundreds of young people from all backgrounds and walks of life. 

Coach Rick is excited to use the latest technology to give his players the edge to be the best they can be, including the 94Fifty Smart Sensor basketball.

This tool gives players feedback to improve their dribbling and their shot by measuring their shot arc and velocity, while saving their measurements to a smartphone, so that Coach Rick can coach his players to perfect their ball skills.

My basketball journey began in the summer of 1973. Although I had always been a basketball player, and hoped to do so at my new college Penn State, an unfortunate trip to the Indy 500 resulted in my breaking my arm, and instead of playing, I was called upon to coach my very first team, the Pollock Hall Basketball Team. We were blessed to win the Intramural Championship that summer, and a career was born.

When my son was born in the fall of 1997, I looked forward to showing him how to become one of the best basketball players his age. I became involved in helping him and his teammates develop as basketball players and as people.


Coach Rick and Rollie Massimino

1985 NCAA Champion Coach

Coach Rick and Jay Wright
2016 NCAA Championship Coach

2016 Coach Rick and Chris Jenkins

2016 NCAA Champion
Rick and Josh Hart
2004 - YMCA 76ers Team

Robbie Girone and
Cameron Reddish lead
the 76ers
2006 - SFBB
LaSalle Explorers

Undefeated in the league
2007 - PVYB Shooters

League Champions
2009 - St. Eleanor's
CYO 6th Grade Team

2010 - Royersford Rockets
AAU Team

Competed at 76rs Game
Wells Fargo Center
2010 - Keystone Blazers
AAU Team

Rumble in the Jungle Tourney
Runner Up Champions to
Phila Aztecs, National Champions
2011 - Keystone Blazers
AAU Team

AAU West Chester
Tourney Champions
2011 - Keystone Blazers
AAU Team

Jamfest Champions
2012 - Montgomery County
Summer League Champions

2012 - Competitive Edge
Villanova Wildcats
2013 -  Pope John Paul II
10th Grade Team

Tri-County League Championship
Runner-up, Hill School
2013 - Competitive Edge
10th Grade A Team
2013 - Villanova Summer Camp
Team Gonzaga

League Champions: 10-1
2014 - Villanova Summer Camp

League Champions

In addition to coaching his players, Coach Rick also enjoy connecting them with star athletes and coaches at the college and professional level. This gives them the opportunity to learn about all the hard work it takes to succeed in basketball, but also get advice and guidance on balancing school and high-level athletic performance.

Jay Wright, Robbie Girone,
Coach Rick Girone, Ed Pinckney

Coach Rick Girone, Curtis Sumpter,
Robbie Girone, March 2013,
Georgetown v. Villanova Game

Coach Rick Girone,
One of the winners of the 
US Healthcare Healthy Kids Website Contest

Robbie Girone, Coach Rick
Matt McLaughlin, Daniel Ochefu

Robbie Girone, Coach Rick,
Ross Travis, and Tim Frazier

September 2013
Rick Girone, Dwayne Anderson
Robbie Girone

Coach Rick, Penn State Basketball
Head Coach Pat Chambers,
Robbie Girone

August 2013
Coach Rick, John Calipari, & Robbie Girone

January 2015

Frank Tchuisi with Robbie

Dante Cunningham with Robbie


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